TIM MENU from TIM in Italy
The smartest GSM card in the GSM world.
This card is the card that started the wave of popularity of the PrePaid GSM SIM cards. The Italian operator Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) has, since they launched their card in September 1996, been the leading net in developing innovative PrePaid GSM SIM cards.
The card is valid for max twelve months after activation or recharging, which makes it meaningfull to keep the card until next visit to Italy. And since you can use the card in roaming you could very well use the card abroad, for receiving calls.
If the TIM card is linked to a valid credit card you will be able to use it in full roaming, as well, but you have to have your permanent residence in Italy.
The Start Package costs 100.000ITL (100DEM). It contains a SIM card and calls of a value of 50.000ITL (50DEM). In the package are also; a pricelist for domestic calls, a manual in Italian, PIN1-, PUK1-, PIN2- and PUK2-codes.
The TIM cards can be recharged in different ways. Either you buy a coupon for 50.000ITL (50DEM) or visit an authorized TIM dealer and charge your card there, in increments of 50.000ITL (50DEM). Finally you can recharge your card with a valid creditcard. Each time you recharge your TIM card you will have to pay a "recharging fee" of 10.000ITL (10DEM). That is rather unique in the GSM world.
The latest additions to this already very well functioning card are as follows:
There used to be five different types of the TIM cards, but these have been replaced by one type only, called TIM MENU. This card has a flat rate of 560 lire (0.56DEM).
There are also six options, from which you chose one for free. If you are interested in a second one, you pay 20.000ITL/year (20DEM). These options are:
Within the TIM net: 190 lire/min
Week-end: 190 lire/min
Night: 190 lire/min all days 22.30-08.00
Local: 280 lire/min, 24h to the fixed net within the zone you are in.
Evening: 280 lire/min, Mon-Fri 18.00- 08.00
Three: 150 lire/min to three numbers of your choice.

There are 2 more options. They differ since you can't combine them with any other option and they always cost 10.000 lire changing to.

Autoricaricabile which automatically recharges when receiving calls!!!

Long is especially made for long calls.
International calls are allowed, see price examples below. You can receive and send SMSs. An advanced SMS service, called ScripTIM, is available. The card can be used in roaming to receive calls and SMS in other countries.
There are also complete phone packages available, called TIMMY. These phones are not SP-locked.
It is good economy for visitors in Italy to buy a TIM card if they are planning to make and receive many calls during their stay. Receiving calls is free. A call to any European country is considerably cheaper than with your own card in roaming.
We have tested the cards on many occassions since they were launched. The cards work very well. These cards are absolutely recommended!
Price examples of calling fees per minute (in Italian Lire)
Recharging the card
10.000 (10DEM)
Checking the credit
Domestic calls, all hours
560 (0.56DEM)
Calls to Europe, Canada, USA
1080 (1.08DEM)
Calls to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore
3658 (3.66DEM)
Calls to Brazil, China, Indonesia, Israel, South Africa
4690 (4.69DEM)
Calls to Armenia, Bolivia, Chile, UAE
5542 (5.54DEM)