Sonofon DK GSM 900
For visitors in Denmark with a 900/1800 Dual Band or a 900 GSM phone.
The "Taletid" card was the first PrePaid GSM card in Denmark. It was introduced on the market in spring 1998. Sonofon runs the second largest net, out of four, in Denmark. 

For many foreign visitors it is better economy to buy a Taletid card when they want make national calls in Denmark, compare the price list below, than to use their own card in roaming. Also have a look at their home page www.sonofon.dk. You can also call Customer Service at 80202100 (free when in Denmark) or from outside Denmark +4580202100 (normal fee) or write to:

Postbox 330
Skelagervej 1
DK-9100 Aalborg

or send an email to kundeservice@sonofon.dk

The Start package contains a GSM SIM card, the PUK-code, a 20 units value coupon and a users manual in Danish. 

There is a Phone Package too, containing a Philips Diga or an Ericsson GA628 GSM 900 phone and the above mentioned Start Package. The packages are sold at a very competitive price 499DKK (Oct 1998). The phones are SIM-locked for 12 months. After that you get the unlock code for free.

You have the choice of charging your Taletid SIM card for 1 month or 6 month, but you can't mix them. There are recharging Taletid cards from 50 to 400 units (50, 100 and 200 for 6 month and 50, 100, 150, 250 and 500 for 1 month). For example, a 295 DKK card for 1 month validity has 150 units (minutes) and for 6 month validity it has 50 units.

To get started you;

1.insert the SIM card in an apropriate phone,
2a. your phone shows "Blokeret" (blocked), enter **05*PUK-code*NewPIN-code*NewPIN-code#
2b. your phone shows "PUK", enter PUK-code, OK, NewPIN-code, OK, NewPIN-code, OK,
3. your SIM card is now activated, it needs filling up, too,
4. scratch the silvery field on the value coupon to reveal the six digit code,
5. call 80333444 and press 2,
6. enter the eight digit card number, end with a #
7. enter the six digit code, end with a #

Services included are;

1. CLI = Caller Line Identification (you'll see who is calling),
2. Answering service,
3. Call diverting to answering service,
4. Receiving SMS texts (not sending),
5. Free 112 emergency calls (like almost all other nets).

We have tested the cards and they work alright. Although there is a major drawback; No international calls possible.

National calls
1 unit = 1 minute
The exchange rate for US$ may,
of course, alter.
Danish Kroner/minute
all hours, all days
6 month validity (yellow cards)
5,90 (0.87)
all hours, all days
1 month validity (blue cards)
1,97 (0,29)
International calls
Not possible
Not possible