Telia Refill
From Swedish Telia Mobitel
PrePaid GSM SIM card for GSM 900, GSM 1800 or GSM 900/1800 dual-band
Refill is Telia's contribution to the increasing amount of PrePaid GSM SIM cards. This type of cards have become very popular in all GSM countries. 

Refill has no minimum subscription period, no monthly fees och other fixed costs. You buy value cheques to recharge the card credit. The card is valid a year from the first day of use or from the latest recharge.

Three weeks before the card loses it validity you are reminded, before every call placed, that it is time to recharge and revive your card. Otherwise the card will stop working, for ever. 

When the credit is less than 25SEK you are prompted, by a voice message, to recharge your card. Current credit is given on the short number 454 or if phoneing from another net the free number 020-411000 

To activate the card you;
1. put the card in a suitable phone,
2. reveil the secrete code by scratching the appropriate field on the value cheque,
3. dial 454 and enter the code from the value cheque.
4. Ready to be used.

Refill can be used in foreign nets after a credit control, registering and signing a contract (you have to live in Sweden). But you can allways make international calls. 

Services included; 

1. Voice mail, (if registered)
2. CLIP/CLIR (showing the number of the incomming caller). (if registered)
3. Sending and receiving SMS

Times and prices; 

6:-/min peak-hours, working days 8.00-18.00
0:80/min off-peak, working days remaining hours, week ends and national holidays to Telias nets
2:-/min off-peak, working days remaining hours, week ends and national holidays to other nets
There is also a CONNECTION FEE of 0.40SEK/call.
2.50 for sending an SMS.
Value Cheques are available in the amounts of 250SEK or 500SEK. You can also recharge your card with a credit card and a bank payment.
The Start Package is 350SEK

If you are interested you may have you Refill number in the official phone book. 

Telias Refill is the mosy expensivePrePaid GSM card in Sweden and also the one with the least features. Telia has the absolute best coverage in mid- and northern Sweden.