TeleDanmark GSM 900
For visitors in Denmark with a 900/1800 Dual Band or a 900 GSM phone.
The "MobilTid" card was the third PrePaid GSM card in Denmark. It was introduced on the market in October 1998. TeleDanmark runs the largest net, out of four, in Denmark. 

For many foreign visitors it is better economy to buy a MobilTid card when they want make national calls in Denmark (compare the price list below) than to use their own card in roaming. International calls are possible too, but rather expensive. Also have a look at their home page You can also call Customer Service at 80603000 (free when in Denmark) or from outside Denmark +4580603000 (normal fee) or write to:

TeleDanmark Mobil
Spotorno Allé 12
DK-2630 Taastrup

The Start Package contains a GSM SIM card, the PIN- and PUK-codes, a 100:- DKK value coupon and a users manual in Danish. It costs 99DKK.

There is a Phone Package too, containing a GSM mobile phone and the above mentioned Start Package. The packages are sold at very competitive prices. The phones are SIM-locked for 6 months. After that you get the unlock code for free.

To recharge the MobilTid card there are value coupons of 200:-DKK.

To get started you;

1. insert the SIM card in an apropriate phone,
2. enter the PIN-code,

Services included are;

1. Answering service,
2. Call diverting to answering service,
3. Receiving and sending SMS texts,
4. Free 112 emergency calls (like almost all other nets).

We have tested the cards and they work very well.Although there are drawbacks; expensive international calls. The card in the Start package is valid for 6 + 3 months and 200DKK recharge gives you additional 6 + 3 months. It is the only card we know of, that gives you the possiblity to reclaim remaining credit, if you discontinue the service. And the card has an unusal construction of calculating the prolonging of the valid period. For example, if you have made calls for 50:- after a month and chose to recharge the card with a 200DKK coupon, the valid period will be 11 months (five remaining plus six new ones). The valid period can never exceed 12 months.

National calls
The exchange rate for US$ may,
of course, alter.
Danish Kroner/minute
peak hours
working days 8-17
5,00 (0.75)
off peak
evenings, nights, week-ends, bank holidays
2,50 (0,37)
International calls
fixed line fees + mobile fees