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Just Go
Orange GSM 1800
For visitors in Denmark with a 900/1800 Dual Band phone.
The Mayday/Just Go card is the fourth PrePaid GSM card in Denmark, but the second for GSM1800. It was introduced on the market in October 1998. Orange is a subsidary of the French state owned telecom company France Telecom.

For many foreign visitors it is better economy to buy a Mayday/Just Go card when they want to make calls within Denmark. Check the coverage at Orange has now also got a contract with the Danish GSM900 operator Sonofon, which means that you can also use Mayday/Just Go in Sonofon's net. You can call Customer Service at 80404080 (free when in Denmark) or from outside Denmark +4580404080 (normal fee), send an email to or write to:

Orange A/S 
Holmbladsgade 133 
2300 København S
Telefonnr: 32 64 70 00 
Faxnr: 32 64 70 09

The Start Package contains a GSM SIM card, the PIN- and PUK-codes, 100DKK worth of calls and a users manual in Danish. The normal price of the Start Package is 295DKK, but are often found at lower prices, right now 99DKK.

There is a Phone Package too, containing a Sagem MC820 or a Motorola cd930 phone and the above mentioned Start Package. The packages are sold at a very competitive price 695DKK resp 795DKK (Dec 1999). The phones are SIM-locked for 170 days!?! After that you get the unlock code for free.

To refill the Orange Mayday/Just Go card there are value coupons of 100DKK or 250DKK.

The card is valid for 12 months and a recharge prolongs the validity period with 12 months. After that you can receive calls for 2 more months.

To get started you;

1. insert the SIM card in an apropriate phone,
2. call 26264040 and follow the instructions.



After a call you'll get a text message directly to your display showing remaining credit.

Services included;

1. CLI = Caller Line Identification (you can see who is calling),
2. Answering service,
3. Call diverting to answering service,
4. Receiving and sending SMS texts,
5. Showing the remaining credit,
6. Making international calls,
7. Free 112 emergency calls (like in most nets).

We have tried the Orange Mayday/Just Go cards and they work very well. We have found no grounds of complains.

National calls
1 DKK = US$0,15
of course, exchange rates alter
Danish Kroner/minute
all hours, all days
within the Orange 1800 net
2,50 (0,38)
all hours, all days
national roaming in Sonofon 900 net
+1.50 (0,23)
International calls
Sweden, Norway
3,50 (0,53)
3,75 (0,56)
4,00 (0,60)
The Netherlands, France
4,50 (0,68)
Western Europe
5,50 (0,83)
USA, Canada
5,50 (0,83)
Australia, New Zealand
12,00 (1,80)