A PrePaid GSM SIM card from Lithuania
The Lithuanian GSM net operator Bite offers since 2 September 1997 a PrePaid GSM card of the same type as Telecom Italia Mobile once introduced on the GSM market. It is called "Labas" which is Lithuanian for "Hi" or "Hello".

The price of the card package is 69 Lithuanian Litas (US$17). It comprises of a pre-activated Bite GSM SIM card, with the phone number printed on it and one Labas refill card worth 40Lt (US$10). After charging the SIM card with the hidden number from the Labas refill card, it is valid for one month for outgoing calls and two months for incomming, after the latest reload.

Labas refill card has the following values, 40Lt (US$10) activates the card for 1 month (+1 month), 99Lt (US$25) activates the card for 2 months (+1 month) and 250Lt (US$63) activates the card for 4 months (+1 month). Buying the 250Lt card gives you an extra bonus of 20Lt (US$5).

3.30 Lt/min (US$0.83) national calls peak hours (Mon-Fri 8.00-20.00)
2.00 Lt/min (US$0.50) Labas to Labas calls peak hours
0.66 Lt/min (US$0.17) national calls off peak (nights, weekends and holidays)
0.33 Lt/min (US$0.08) national calls off peak (all days 22.00-06.00, minimum billing period 2min)

International calls are charged at the official Telekomas rates plus 0.95 Lt/min (US$0.24).

These cards can be found not only at Bite's usual point of sales but also in some petrol stations, photoshops, supermarkets and so on.

We have tested these cards and have had no problems. These cards will mainly lower the costs of incomming calls. The short period of validity could cause trubble if your trips are not frequent. Unfortunately they seem to lack the right feeling for customer service. Our testcard was cut off the very day before our return trip to Lithuania, although we have sent emails in the matter, but they do not answer emails. Has the changing of ownership brought theese changes on? There are other Lithuanian card available.