Libertel GSM 900
For visitors to the Netherlands with a GSM900 phone.
iZi is of of the three PrePaid GSM SIM cards available in the Netherlands 

For many foreign visitors who expect many incoming calls it is better economy to buy an iZi card and often also when calling to your home country, compare price list below. Have a look at their home page www.libertel.nl for coverage maps. You can also call their customer service at 0800-0560 for free in the Netherlands only and from outside the Netherlands +31654500100 or write to;

Postbus 1500
NL-6201 BM Maastricht
The Netherlands

The Start Package iZi GO! costs about 100NLG (86DEM) but there are price differencies. The package contains a preactivated GSM SIM card charged with 40NLG (34DEM), a 10NLG (9DEM) value coupon, a register form which gives an extra 10NLG, codes, a manual and a small card with a very short information on, in Dutch.

There are Phone packages, too. These packages cost about 400NLG (344DEM). The phones are SIM locked.

There are value coupons, called iZi Plus for 40NLG (34DEM) or 80NLG (69DEM) to charge the card with. The valid period is 12 months per recharge + 90 days of receiving calls only, or to recharge the card.

International calls are possible. The automatic customer service (in Dutch or English) with, for example, credit request, is free. So is the standard customer service, where many speak good English.

Getting started;

1. Insert the SIM card in an apropriate phone,
2. start calling (the card is preactivated with 40NLG). 

Services included;

1. Answering service,
2. Receiving and sending SMS texts,
3. Free 112 emergency calls (like in most nets).
4. Roaming

We have tested the iZi card and it works well. We have found no grounds for complains. We can recommend the iZi card. There sometimes are special prices during sales campaigns. iZi GO To Give is an example of that. These packages only differ, exept for the price 49NLG (42DEM), in one sense, they come with a lower call credit, 40NLG in stead of 90NLG, totally.

National calls
1 NLG = 0,86DEM
the exchange rate varies
(German Marks)
Peak hours 8-19
Piek & Dal tarif
1,45 (1,25)
Off peak 19-8 + holidays
Piek & Dal tarif
0,25 (0,22)
Off peak 19-8 + holidays, mobile
Piek & Dal tarif
0,35 (0,30)
All hours, all days
Standaard tarif
1,10 (0,95)
International calls
about 1,90 (1,65)