The second PrePaid GSM card in Lithuania


The Lituanian GSM net operator Omnitel has, in summer 1998, launched a PrePaid GSM card of the same type as Telecom Italia Mobile once introduced.

The card package comprises a pre-activated Omnitel Extra GSM SIM card, with the phone number printed on it and one Extra scratch card. After charging the SIM card with the hidden number from the Extra scratch card, it is valid for three months for outgoing calls and four months for incomming, after the latest recharge.

Sevices included:
CLI (Caller Line Identification) displays the phone number of the caller in your display.
Sending and receiving text messages (SMS)
National call costs:
3.50 Lt/min (US$0.88) calls peak hours (Mon-Fri 9.00-21.00)
1.20 Lt/min (US$0.30) calls off peak (nights, weekends and holidays)
0.90 Lt/min (US$0.23) sending an SMS (text message)
International call costs:
5.00 Lt/min (US$1.25) to The Baltic states, Eastern Europe and CIS
8.00 Lt/min (US$2.00) to Western and Central Europe
12.00 Lt/min (US$3.00) to the USA, Canada and Australia
15.00 Lt/min (US$3,75) to other countries

These cards can be found nationwide.

We have tested these cards. They work fine and we recommend them. It could be a bit confusing that you actually have to dial in two different ways when you call the card, depending on from where you are calling; from within Lithuania 82-87XXXXX and from abroad +370-87XXXXX.