Vodafone Easy Kontant
PrePaid GSM SIM card without subscription


It will cost you 350SEK to buy the latest card from Vodafone Sweden. You will get 250SEK (+100SEK) to make calls for. The card is already active at purchase. It's just to plug in and call. When you credit is up all you have to do is buying a value coupon for 150SEK or 500SEK and recharge the card.

The Easy card has got all Vodafone's standard services (for example call divert, knocking), and EuroVoice (VoiceMail) and CLI (shows who is calling) at no additional cost. Since late May 1999 it is also possible sending SMS as well as receiving.

Calling fees are; peak hours working days 7-19 6SEK/min, off peak 0.80SEK/min (to the fixed net and their own net, and 2SEK to Telia Mobitel or Comviq). Internationall calls are possible. Calls to customers care (00-24) are free using number 221. The standard phone number to customers care 020-222222 is blocked. You have to use 020-222221 instead. Sending an SMS costs 1.30SEK

Roaming is possible after a credit check (only possible for Swedish citizens or Swedish companies).

Vodafone Easy uses 3-seconds intervals when debiting.

The SIM card itself, is a phase-2 card, but they won't tell you the PIN2 and PUK2, so you can't use some phase-2 features even though your phone supports it.

The Easy Kontant card is valid for 12 month if not recharged.

If you register you'll gain access to your own VoiceMail. On top of that you'll get a value coupon worth 100SEK.