A sofisticated PrePaid GSM card.

MoviStar Activa

MoviStar, the Spanish GSM operator, has got a card call Activa.

The Activa package

You will get a package incl a SIM, a comphrehensive Spanish manual with coverage map. There is no signing contracts or show ID cards when you buy one. The included call credit will expire nine month after the first connection or the last recharge. After that you will have three more month just to receive calls and to recharge the card. If there is no recharge the card will expire totally and you will have to buy a new card (with a new phone number).

International calls

In contrast to almost all other operator’s PrePaid cards, the Activa will function even abroad. Receiving calls abroad will, as always with roaming, cost you money. The cost will be the same as if phoning from Spain to the country in question. The card will be able to log in to any and all nets where MoviStar has a roaming contract.

You will also be able to make calls from other countries (even if it is expensive). It is a bit complicate though. You will have to send an SMS through a special SMSC to the number you wish to make a call to. It works like a sort of callback system. The voice mail is disabled while abroad.

When you are making a call from one foreign country to another, you will pay for ”two calls”, for example: You are calling from Sweden to Italy. You will pay 9EUR (S to E) plus Ptas 9EUR (E to I). There is a special price list for calling from a foreign country to Spain (expensive!!).

Recharging the card

Recharging the card can be done in portions at Telefonica Moviles shops or even in a bank automat (you will have to have a bank card though). When almost all money is used use up , you'll automatically receive an warning SMS. Checking the remaining credit is done either by phoning 333 or sending an SMS through the special SMSC to 333. You will then receive an SMS with the remaining credit.

The card works very well and we can recommend it.